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Rockfish Lure 8oz P-Series

Rockfish Lure 8oz P-Series

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A Big Rockfish Lure Swimbait

Our P-series Rockfish Lures are swimbaits that sink fast and provide great jigging action. These rockfish lures will catch all species including black rockfish. This larger, 8oz version will regularly catch lingcod as well. When you catch your next big rockfish, send us a picture on Facebook!


Rockfish Lure Weight and Length

Standard Rockfish Lure Length: 5.75"
Deluxe Rockfish Lure Length: 7" including Snap Swivel


Rockfish Lure Poundage Rating

68lbs Test


Rockfish Lure Hardware

Standard Rockfish Lure: Two 68lb Stainless Steel Split Rings
Deluxe Rockfish Lure: Two 68lb Stainless Steel Split Rings, 77lb Stainless Steel Ball-Bearing Snap Swivel


Rockfish Lure Hook

Standard Rockfish Lure - Two #1 Mustad Bronze Treble Hook
Deluxe Rockfish Lure - Two #1 Mustad 3x Strong Duratin Treble Hook


Rockfish Lure Effective Depth



Rockfish Fishing Technique

Cast this rockfish lure out away from the boat as far as you can. Wait for the rockfish lure to sink to your desired depth and begin quickly reeling in the swimbait all the way to the side of the boat. 

You can also use this rockfish lure as a jerkbait, with a strong jerk and reel-in motion every 3-5 seconds.

This rockfish lure can also be used as a straight up-and-down jig for rockfish up to 150 ft. Be sure to watch out for rocks on the bottom as the extra treble on the base can get caught-up.  For more specialized bottom rockfish jigs, check out our Whiskey Series.

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