Rock Fishing Pipe Jigs for Halibut, Lingcod, and Rockfish

Rock fishing and bottom fishing copper pipe jigs designed to catch "the big one"

Copper pipe jig catching an orange starry rockfish
Large Halibut Fillets caught with halibut pipe jigs
Five giant lingcod caught on copper pipe jigs from
  • Our saltwater pipe jigs are proudly made in the USA and shipped nationwide. These rock fishing lures are especially popular in California, Oregon, and Washington.

    As of 2023, we also ship to Alaska and Canada.

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Oldschool Copper Pipe Jigs

Your Grandad's Lure

You can try other rockfish lures and lingcod jigs, but these pipe jigs are the same fishing lures that have been used for a hundred years.

Time tested, grandpa approved rock fishing lures and pipe jigs.

Halibut caught and hung on hooks

Halibut Pipe Jigs

Our halibut pipe jigs are the oldest technology with the best results. You can count on our high quality halibut jigs to raise eyebrows on the boat.

Halibut Pipe Jigs