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Quickstrike Lingcod Jig 12oz

Quickstrike Lingcod Jig 12oz

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Lingcod Jig 12oz - Quickstrike Series

Our Quickstrike Series of lingcod jigs are solid copper pipe jigs with reliable Mustad treble hooks and stainless steel, lb-rated hardware.

The 12oz Quickstrike lingcod jig is our lightest lingcod rig in the series, and it's setup with a Mustad 5/0 hook for lingcod fishing. It sinks fast and with its reinforced base cap, you can pound the bottom rocks to drive the lingcod fish wild with this metal jig. The 12oz Quickstrike, will catch big lingcod in any season as well as halibut and the occasional rockfish.

When you catch your next big lingcod, send us a picture on Facebook!


Lingcod Jig Weight and Length

Standard Lingcod Jig Length: 6.5"
Deluxe Lingcod Jig Length: 7.5" including Snap Swivel


Lingcod Metal Jig Poundage Rating

143lbs Test


Lingcod Rig Tackle

Standard Lingcod Jig: 151lb Stainless Steel Split Ring
Deluxe Lingcod Jig: 151lb Stainless Steel Split Rings, 143lb. Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivel, 180lb Stainless Steel Ball-Bearing Snap Swivel


Lingcod Jig Hook

Standard Lingcod Jig: 5/0 Mustad Bronze Treble Hook
Deluxe Lingcod Jig: 5/0 Mustad 3x Strong Duratin Treble Hooks


Lingcod Jig Effective Depth



Lingcod Copper Pipe Jig Technique

Drop this lingcod jig off the side of the boat.

Lingcod Jig Fishing On The Ocean Bottom 

Allow the lingcod jig to drop to the ocean bottom (you'll know when your line goes slack). Reel up 2-3 turns and jig heavily to bang the pipe jig on the ocean bottom. Reel up an additional 3-8 turns. Slowly jig your metal lingcod jig above the ocean bottom in 2-6 foot motions depending on conditions. Continue to re-drop the lure and bang on the rock or sand bottom before reeling up 3-8 turns.


Lingcod Jig Fishing NOT On The Ocean Bottom 

Let your lingcod jig sink to the desired depth and begin jigging. The best jigging lengths and speeds can vary depending on desired sportfish and fishing conditions. Try more abrupt and irregular jigs, as well as smooth jigs with delays between actions.


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