How was started?

How was started?

Our Story

We love rockfish, lingcod, grouper, and halibut fishing. We had a good time on US west coast charters until the day our outlook changed forever.

One sorry morning, we found ourselves on a rockfish and lingcod charter with a fistful of recommended five-dollar jigs that we had bought at the check-in. After chugging out of the harbor for an hour, the boat stopped. A flurry of fish started slapping the deck. We dashed for our rods, thinking we had but seconds to rig up and slay the school. We were wrong, and everyone on the boat started hauling up rockfish, two at a time, including us.

The Problem: They Sold Us Lures That Caught Any Fish

We looked around, horrified as the boat filled up with fish sticks. The tiny peanuts piled up on the boat, and we quickly saw our 3/4-day charter slipping away to small weight fishing limits. We desperately tried to catch lingcod or a big vermillion: no luck. Each time we dropped our charter-recommended bait, we ended up with a tiny fish not worth filleting, and not able to throw back.

As the boat pulled back into the wharf, we ended up with meager, lightweight bags of fish.

We said, “Never Again”, and was born.

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