A large rockfish being caught with the best rockfish lure of 2024

The Best Rockfish Lures of 2024

The Best Rockfish Lures of 2024

Fishing along the west coast in California, Oregon, Washington, British Colombia, and Alaska can be exciting. Having the right rockfish lures can make all the difference in catching your limit of rockfish as well as bringing home some lunkers. Here are our top 10 best rockfish lures of 2024 along with some tips on how to use them.


#1 Best Rockfish Lure - Copper Pipe Jigs

Three copper pipe jigs for catching rockfish


These jigs are a classic that have been used for over a hundred years. The electrolysis irritates bottom fish like rockfish and lingcod. Not to mention having your weight, hook, and lure in one compact unit helps prevent snags on the bottom.

  • Pipe jigs are mostly effective at depths below 200 feet.
  • Bang the bottom and reel up quickly to drive the rockfish nuts
  • Buff your copper pipe with sandpaper in waters deeper than 450 feet to create more UV reflection.


#2 Best Rockfish Lure - Puget Pounders

A puget pounder used for catching rockfish


These versatile metal rockfish lures work well for almost all different types of rockfish species. Originally designed to fish for Chinook Salmon, these pounders are a great all-around rockfish lure.

  • Drop them straight to the bottom and lift and drop the rod tip to entice strikes.
  • Target mid-water zones if you mark schools on your sonar.


#3 Best Rockfish Lure - P-Line Laser Minnow

A rockfish lure in blue called the p-line lazer minnow


The P-Line Laser Minnow features a unique holographic laser tape, creating a lifelike finish. Its oblong shape and sharp cuts on the side allow for an erratic action when jigged, which attracts strikes from various rockfish species. Available in sizes ranging from 1 to 6 ounces, it has a shimmering silver appearance that appeals to rockfish.

  • More effective at depths less than 300 feet, the shallower the better.
  • Wind it back at a fast pace.
  • Pop the rod tip up and down.
  • You can also cast and retrieve it like a spoon or surface iron. Maintain a steady retrieve speed—too fast, and it may lose effectiveness.


#4 Best Rockfish Lure - Paddle Tail Jigs

Paddle tail bait for catching rockfish


Paddle tail jigs have a paddle-shaped tail that produces a lifelike swimming action in the water. They come in various sizes and colors, imitating injured baitfish or other prey. The great thing about paddle tail jigs is they come in so many different weights, you can be sure to make your rockfish lure look effective at any depth.  For depths greater than 300 feet, try 16 oz’s or more depending on the current. The paddle tail design creates vibrations and movement, attracting rockfish.

  • Cast the paddle tail jig out and let it sink to the bottom.
  • Retrieve it by reeling up a few quick turns and then allowing it to sink back down.
  • Repeat this process in the column of fish you’re targeting, usually about 50 feet of water column.
  • Adjust the retrieving speed based on water depth and rockfish behavior.
  • Remember to experiment with different colors and depths to find what works best for the specific rockfish species you’re targeting.


#5 Best Rockfish Lures - Fisherman’s Gold Flutter 

Fisherman's Gold root beer colored rockfish flutter jig


Effective for rockfish, lingcod, and other reef fish, we always keep a couple of these rockfish lures in our tackle box. The Glitter Root Beer color is particularly successful for us at somewhat shallower depths.

  • Available in 2 to 9 ounces.
  • All of the action is in the fluttering fall, so large falls in the range of 10-30 feet work best.
  • Consistent retrieval speed is usually best, but in strong currents heavy jigging can also work well.


The Best Rockfish Lures of 2024 Summary

Large starry rockfish caught on a pipe jig lure

The best rockfish lures are the ones that catch the best rockfish for you! Whether you're after giant vermilion or the skittish treefish rockfish, changing up your lures is a great way to learn and have fun.

Be sure to always try out a variety of sizes, weights, colors, and jigging techniques to land you the biggest rockfish species! We hope you found this blog article on the best rockfish lures of 2024 helpful and insightful!

Good luck out there and tight lines!

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